About Alfal MSE

At the end of December 2016, Al-Fal  Microfinance Company was established and completed the stages of establishment and obtaining the license to practice and equip all its administrative and technical structure in early 2017. It was the beginning of its work in the agricultural sector represented by small farmers as a target group of great importance in our society, Is very important as an important economic resource in the Sudan and depends on the country. This interest comes in the agricultural season of the summer evening to be the beginning of the work of the company at this time and the belief in the role of agriculture and its major importance in improving the balance of the Sudanese economy and the large percentage In the various states of the Sudan, representing two-thirds of the labor force in our country and the various agricultural resources they provide. In order to benefit from the funding of this sector for the largest number of individuals, the company decided to finance the summer season of the corn season.